45 South Orchards

45 South owns and manages over 150ha of orchards in the Cromwell area of Central Otago, New Zealand. These orchards produce 30-40% of NZ's export cherries which are marketed throughout South East Asia, USA, Australia and New Zealand. 45 South cherries are recognised as some of the best fruit produced anywhere.

To meet the rigorous standards of Global Gap and WWVSP certification and to supply fruit of such a high standard we consistently apply best practice principles and the latest technology to every aspect of fruit production. From choosing the variety of trees we plant and where we plant them through to the packaging and despatch of the fruit harvested our goal is to supply consumers with the best cherries in the world.

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45 South Packhouse

The 45 South Packhouse is a state-of-the-art facility utilising the latest optical technology. Attention to detail, coolchain and quality are a priority for 45 South. For approximately 6 weeks we employ up to 80 staff who ensure that harvested fruit is sorted, graded and distributed in the shortest possible timeframe.

Focussed, skilled and expert staff ensure that we retain our status as a supplier of the highest quality.

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Employment Opportunities

Every year over the harvest period we require seasonal staff to ensure the best fruit is picked, packed and distributed in a timely manner.

The 2018/2019cherry season has now finished. Applications for the 2019/20 season will open on October 10th 2019

Over the whole season  around 350 people are required to harvest our fruit.

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